Non-degree students who wish to enroll should request enrollment approval from the instructor and submit a completed a Class Registration form to

The following summer 2019 classes will be offered Monday-Friday. When requesting registration, make sure to select the appropriate class number and section so that you can be connected to the online learning format for your class.


June 10 – August 2

CE 5500 – Building Information Modeling
class number 12702; section 001
Instructor: Vahid Balali
asynchronous online
CE 6440 – Advanced Transportation Systems
class number 11736; section 600
Instructor: Brian Smith



July 8 – August 2


10:30am – 12:45pm
MAE 6230 – Vibrations
class number 12810; section 600
Instructor: Natasha Smith



Our distance learning courses may be delivered in one of three ways:

1. Interactive – You attend class in real-time, along side our on-grounds students, and are able to interact with the instructor and students from your computer.

2. Streaming – You attend class in real-time, but no interactions with the instructor or student are required.

3. Asynchronous – Class content is prepared in advance and you view it at your convenience.