Welcome! This guide will help walk you through the steps you’ll need to complete before you begin taking classes in our online environment.

    1. Complete a School of Engineering Graduate Application (to apply to one of our degree programs, see below for details on waiving the GRE when you apply*) or submit a Visiting Student Form (to take a class as a non-degree seeking student). If completing a Visiting Student form, make sure to select ‘Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program’ from the drop down list of departments.
    2. Receive by email your UVA Computing ID, a temporary password, and your Student Information System (SIS) ID.
    3. Log into SIS via Netbadge by providing your UVA computing ID and temporary password.
    4. Activate your UVA email. You will use your new UVA Computing ID and create a permanent password. A score of 100% on the Responsible Computing Tutorial is required.
    5. Register for your class(es) by completing the Visiting Student Class Registration Form (non-degree students) or through the Student Information System (SIS) (students admitted to a degree program). The upcoming class offerings will show under announcements here when they become available. Helpful SIS resources for new students, including instructional videos, can be found here: http://its.virginia.edu/sis/student/.
    6. Log into UVA Collab, our Learning Management System, to access class sessions and find course materials. The classes you see in UVA Collab will match those you registered to take. Learn more about our Online Learning Environment in the CGEP @ UVA Collab Site.

    If you have any questions about any of the steps outlined above, please contact the Office of Educational Innovation.


*GRE waiver terms:

  1. If a student completes at least 9 credit hours at UVA that would satisfy requirements toward a particular online graduate engineering degree program, AND
  2. earns at least a B- in each of those courses, AND
  3. has a cumulative grade point average from those UVA courses of at least 3.1, AND
  4. provides three letters of recommendation, including one from a professional contact, AND
  5. provides the necessary demographic and academic information (generally already collected on the Visiting Student Form), including undergraduate transcripts, THEN
  6. the GRE requirement will be automatically waived for the student if they choose to apply. The Office for Educational Innovation will proactively notify the student of this waiver. The Director of Graduate Education may, at their discretion, require the offer to stipulate admission to a non-Fall semester.