Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Brochure

The extended graduate education program of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Virginia is a five-year program, offering advanced Civil and Environmental Engineering courses leading toward the Master of Engineering (ME) degree with an emphasis in infrastructure systems.

Students are required to take 10 graduate courses toward the ME degree, with a minimum of 5 graduate courses from UVA. Students can transfer up to 5 graduate courses from other programs in the Commonwealth, or up to 4 graduate engineering courses from non-consortium programs. Note that the student’s set of courses must be planned with, and formally approved by, one’s UVA academic advisor.

A typical list of courses for students pursuing the ME degree includes:

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
CE 6010 – Computational Methods in Civil Engineering
CE 6030 – Green Engineering and Sustainability
CE 6040 – Infrastructure Management
CE 5400 – Traffic Operations
CE 5410 – Introduction to Transportation Planning
CE 6050 – Non-destructive Evaluation of Civil Engineering Systems
CE 6330 – Introduction to Finite Elements
CE 6450 – Transportation Safety
CE6250 – Environmental Systems Modeling & Management

Systems and Information Engineering Department
SYS 6005 – Stochastic Systems

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 6410 – Engineering Mathematics I
MAE 6430 – Statistics for Engineers & Scientists

Material Science and Engineering
MSE 6050 – Structure and Properties of Materials I

The above courses are intended to provide some suggestions, and are not a complete list. Course descriptions are listed in the UVA course catalog. Additional courses may also be announced as it becomes feasible to offer them.

Courses are also available from the online master’s degree programs at Virginia Tech, Old Dominion, VCU, and GMU.

Students beginning study in a given year can schedule their courses appropriately, after consultation with an academic advisor.


Assessment Forms – Three assessment forms are required for all Master of Engineering students. The following three forms should be completed by a faculty member in the department and submitted to the departmental Graduate Administrator:

Engineering Analysis Assessment

Engineering Design Assessment

Engineering Technical Writing Assessment



CE long range course planning:



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