Chemical Engineering Department Brochure

This graduate program in chemical engineering prepares men and women for advanced work in the chemical, plastics, energy, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for many other industrial and government positions. A program of studies leading to the Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree usually consists of five “core” courses:

  • ChE 6615 – Advanced Thermodynamics
  • ChE 6618 – Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • ChE 6625 – Transport Processes
  • ChE 6630 – Mass Transfer
  • ChE 6665 – Techniques for Chemical Engineering Analysis and Design

Elective courses offered include ChE 6442, Applied Surface Chemistry; ChE 6449, Polymer Engineering; and ChE 6447, Biochemical Engineering. The Virginia Engineering Online distance learning courses are offered live in Charlottesville and transmitted simultaneously. All courses are taught by the regular faculty in Charlottesville.

The Masters degree requires 30 hours of course work. A total of eight ChE courses (or 24 semester hours) are offered via videoconferencing. Courses in related areas may be taken from other UVA disciplines or transferred from other universities. Such courses could be in the areas of mathematics, chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, and systems engineering. In addition, one course may be an independent research course, ChE 7995, which would be done by special arrangement with one of the faculty. This course can be taken during any semester or the summer.

Distance learning courses may be taken for degree credit, or for non-degree continuing education (see


Assessment Forms – Three assessment forms are required for all Master of Engineering students. The following three forms should be completed by a faculty member in the department and submitted to the departmental Graduate Administrator:

Engineering Plan of Study Assessment
Engineering Analysis Assessment
Engineering Technical Writing Assessment

Long Range Course Planning

ChE plans to offer the follow courses in future terms:

Spring 2018 – ChE 6630 – Mass Transfer
Fall 2018 – ChE 6665 – Techniques for Chemical Engineering Analysis and Design
Spring 2019 – ChE 6618 – Chemical Reaction Engineering
Fall 2019 – ChE 6625- Transport Processes


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